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Musicals I love in no real order:

"Join us…We’ve got magic to do, just for you,We’ve got miracle plays to play.We’ve parts to perform,Hearts to warm,Kings and thins to take by storm,As we go along our way…”
~Pippin, Act One, Scene One; Magic to do

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, Book by Roger O. Hirson

Musicals I love in no real order:

"Join us…
We’ve got magic to do, just for you,
We’ve got miracle plays to play.
We’ve parts to perform,
Hearts to warm,
Kings and thins to take by storm,
As we go along our way…”

~Pippin, Act One, Scene One; Magic to do

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, Book by Roger O. Hirson

posted at 9:33pm on Tuesday 16th April 2013 with 26 notes
# pippin# pippin the musical# stephen schwartz# musical# revival# 2013# 1972
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